Habit update 14: code everyday (and new habit plan)

I failed. I failed really bad in my effort to go full-speed ahead and code for 2 hours every day. It was too big of a leap. I was so distraught with what was going on that I missed this past Sunday’s habit update, and finally got over it and decided to share it with you all.

Here’s what happened last week.


And so far this week:


This week’s mighty total is 40 min…

The plan was to obviously get back on track as I started to warm up – or so I thought. But functions, events, errands, family & friends, and unforeseen circumstances led to this. Well, that and not very good prioritization & time management. The most I managed last week was 44 min. on a couple days.

I’ve done some soul-searching over the last few weeks. And here’s what I’ve come to: code for at least 30 min. every day.

That’s right: I’m going to back where I started. Back to square one, you may think. Yet, I’ve realized that this habit was meant for me to be more consistent, with the end goal of becoming a better programmer. I emphasized “at least” because that’s what I’m trying to convey: I can definitely go for 2 hours of coding (and beyond) but I want to aim for at least 30 min. of coding.

I read a few articles and it turns out I’m not alone in this struggle (specifically finding time to code side projects)!. Here’s one that inspired me, from John Resig, creator of the jQuery JavaScript library. But it was mainly inspired after seeing this software called Code Half posted on Hacker News and a comment on there linking to a Reddit AMA from a software dev. who coded for 365 days in a row.

The idea of Code Half is simple, just as I had started: code for half an hour (hence the “Half”) a day. And it’s not as challenging as coding for 2 hours. If I really get into the flow, I’ll code for well over 30 min. – but on those days when I seemingly struggle to find time, or lack the motivation, I’ll make sure I fire up Sublime Text and code for 30 min.

Failure will not  deter me this time. I know that I have to refocus, realign my goals, and recommit myself. I’m ready. 30 min. of coding for 30 days. I like to think big so I’ll define success by achieving this goal 90% of the time (27/30 days) although ideally I want to achieve this goal for all 30 days.

Here are the final stats for the coding 2 hours/day habit:

  • Total: 11/49 days
  • Current streak: 0 days
  • Longest streak: 6 days

Inspired by my success (touch wood!) with writing every day, I’ve decided to similarly create a habit plan for coding every day. Here it is:


habit plan

Start date: 1/14/16

Specific habit: write code, or learn to code, for 30 min. every day.

Triggers: after waking up, plan what I’m going to code/learn for 30 min.

Reminder(s): phone reminders and reminders on laptop.

Review dates: every Sunday morning.

Accountability: post to my blog.

Commitment: for the next 30 days (until 2/12/16).

Potential obstacles: school work; counter –

Make sure you don’t miss 2 days: (1) generate 5 ideas to code/work on, (2) no Netflix for the next Friday.

LogCoach.me/Code Half

Who will you share the plan with? my blog!


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