Keeping up with the Jones’

I’m a pretty simple guy and I strive to live a simple life. I don’t have that many desires. But one luxury item that I wish I could afford would be the Tesla Model S.

Years ago, when I was a kid and my family was vacationing in England/visiting my grandparents, I remember taking a ride in my grandfather’s Mercedes Benz S Class (can’t exactly recall the other specifics). We went to the grocery store, and the scenery was supposedly great, but all I remember was that it was so nice in the car that I dozed off within 5 minutes, and even after we arrived I wished that I could’ve slept for more!

I then knew that that’s what I wanted to drive around when I grew up. Over time, trends and industry standards changed, and other cars caught my eye. The Audi A series had a nice collection – I think I wanted to drive the A6 at some point. I went from a Benz lover to an Audi lover.

Later on, electric vehicles started becoming more popular. Also, they were environment-friendly, and protecting the environment is something that I perceive as everyone’s duty. So then I knew that I would want to drive some type of electric vehicle to be environmentally conscious. But at the same time, I didn’t want to drive just any electric-powered car, but a nice one.

That’s where Tesla came in.

Tesla is, in a lot of ways, like Apple. They are led by a ruthless, hard-working innovator/visionary leading more than 1 company in Elon Musk (comparing him to Steve Jobs, but credit to Tim Cook too), have unbelievable focus (of course, there are multiple configurations to the cars but their product catalog is relatively small and simple – 4 models!), and strive for perfection. And I think that’s why Tesla, like Apple, also make amazing products.

I first heard about the Tesla Model S sometime during the summer of 2014, reading a comic by The Oatmeal. I was instantly hooked (who wouldn’t be?) – I’ll let you read it and find out why it’s pretty awesome; now they’ve added a lot of “auto” features, like auto-steer, auto-park and much more to make it even better (didn’t seriously think it could get better than that!). I had another “conversion”, from Audi to Tesla. I imagine that if I was an adult during this period who could drive and had the money to buy all these cars, I probably would have bought all three of them as my choices changed!

I just went to Tesla’s website (well, actually I went there quite a while ago and one thing led to another) and calculated the cost of a Model S with certain features. The cheapest price I would have to pay, with no extra features is ~ $77,000. Add in a few nifty upgrades like a different paint (titanium metallic looks pretty good), other interior decor (Tan next generation seats ftw), an 85 kWh battery (to last longer), Autopilot Convenience Features (!!!), premium interior and lighting , smart air suspension, and ultra high fidelity sound, and the total comes to ~ $104,000.

It’s settled then. That’s my new dream to work towards. Buy a Tesla Model S. Save $104,000.

Hopefully someday my dream will become a reality. Thank you Elon Musk for empowering my dreams and providing me with the motivation to work harder toward that dream!

Keeping up with the Jones’ Tell us about the one luxury item you wish you could afford, in as much detail as you can. Paint a picture for us.

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