Write Here, Write Now

Learning is a fascinating process. Not the end goal itself, of learning a new skill, but the process of learning. I’m learning right now, a bunch of things.

I enjoy learning because it’s simply fun. I can almost feel its effects on my brain. It opens many new doors.

For example, I’m currently learning the programming language, C. I’m just starting. Even learning how to print “hello, world” to the screen is interesting, because there is so much that goes into it. Like, how the system takes in an input (what you give it) and outputs (compiles) something.

I understand why my professors talk about having intrinsic motivation, and its importance, beyond external motivation. It’s because if you enjoy the process of learning, and everything about that subject, then you pick up the textbooks and start reading, or open the notebooks and start writing, without anyone telling you to, or without an actual assignment or test to study for.

It gives me a reason to wake up everyday. I know that I can learn literally anything, thanks to the internet (in fact, I’m learning C from an e-book online!). I’m thankful for that.

Write Here, Write Now Write a post entirely in the present tense.

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