Young at Heart

Aging is a process, which we all experience – it’s an inevitable part of life. There’s no avoiding it – people try to do different things to slow it down, but you really can’t resist it. Yes, some people age better than others, but there are many factors in there too – maybe less stress for example.

As I get older, I know that eventually there will be a time for me to retire – retire from a full-time job, but not just sit at home. Rather, be active with serving the community in some way. I take much inspiration from Bill Gates, who even at 60 years old, has not stopped learning and solving the world’s problems, and probably does not plan to anytime soon.

I think that would also make my life all the more meaningful and fulfilling, knowing that I am making a difference and making the most of my time. Apart from that, I would probably engage in some type of physical activity – tennis is always something I’ve wanted to play regularly, but haven’t always found the time or opportunity.

I recently watched the movie The Intern, which was absolutely fantastic. It goes on about the life of a 70 year old man, Ben Whitaker, and how he becomes an intern, so as to keep himself young and active and try different things. As he says, “I just know there’s a hole in my life and I need to fill it…soon.”

I’d like to think that when I get older, I would have a life similar to that of ol’ Ben. Doing what I really enjoy, or what I’ve always wanted to do but never did. Perhaps I can’t control everything that will happen in the future, but I can make sure that I stay young at heart by engaging myself in service and doing meaningful work.

Young At Heart What are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?


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