It’s always exciting going to a new place – new experiences, new relationships, and much more. College was no different – I was excited as ever.

Well, it didn’t exactly go as I planned it, but then again what does? The “4.0 dream” was crushed just a few weeks after it began, when I failed my computer science midterm. It was a crushing feeling – not just that I hadn’t done as well as I wanted to, but the fact that I had failed, something I had not gone through in high school. The second midterm was a repeat – this time I had prepared even more, and yet the same result.

I didn’t know how things were going to work out – whether I was going to switch majors, fail the course, etc. But then, I asked for help – a most valuable skill that I’ve learned in college. My advisors and professors recommended taking it slow, one step at a time. From thereon, with a good support system in the form of friends and family, I didn’t really worry too much. I knew that things would fall in place, and God had a plan for me.

By the time the next semester came around, I retook the course. I worked my butt off right from day one, learning all the concepts and making sure I was on top of my game. I practiced hard and formed good study habits. I got an A- in the course, one of my proudest achievements in my life – not just because I got an A-, but because I believed in myself and really enjoyed the course, made a comeback and learned many things along the way.

I’ve learned to become an optimist even more now and make sure that I don’t let the downs in life worry me too much. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and happens for your good. Plus there’s a lot to be learned along the way. Life is a long journey, despite how short it may seem, and it’s really up to you on what you make of it.

Exhale Tell us about a time when everything seemed to be going wrong — and then, suddenly, you knew it would be alright.

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