New habit: Write everyday

Now that a much-needed break has arrived, I am going to be starting a new habit, to write everyday. I want to become a better writer and this is my intrinsic motivation for starting this habit. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do NaNoWriMo (and probably won’t be able to until I graduate) but I can take advantage of the free time I have now to become better at writing.

Here’s my habit plan (inspired from Zen Habits):

habit plan

Start date: 12/18/15

Specific habit: write one blog post everyday being at least 300 words long. EDIT (12/18/15) it looks like for some of the daily prompts, you can’t write 300 words, but for the ones that I can, I will.

Triggers: immediately after praying, writing WP’s Daily prompt.

Reminder(s): phone reminders and reminders on laptop

Review dates: everyday 

Accountability: post to my blog

Commitment: for the next 30 days (until 1/16/16)

Potential obstacles: checking email; counter – have WP open up automatically when you open up the browser.

Make sure you don’t miss 2 days: (1) get books to read, (2) no movies, cricket, or YouTube for 1 day

Who will you share the plan with? my blog!

Time to get started 🙂



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