Habit update 9 – code everyday

Progress for last week (11/29-12/5):

RescueTime is keeping me accountable here! Looking at yesterday (8 min?!), I realize my mistake: I didn’t make time for coding, or prioritize it. Hence, when I left it till the end, I was too tired and my willpower was weak. If only I had focused on coding earlier in the day, I could have kept my streak alive. 😦

Overall, I’m getting better, it’s just the small things I need to improve and change. Some things I’ve learned are (1) check RT before powering down everyday to see if I reached my goal, (2) code early in the day instead of waiting till the last minute, and (3) take breaks in between.

So far:

  • Total: 9/14 days
  • Current streak: 0 days
  • Longest streak: 6 days

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