Habit update 8 – code everyday

Well it turns out that going from 1 hour to 2 hours of coding everyday is a big step! Here’s my progress for last week (11/22-11/28):

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 12.44.40 PM

Yes, I fell short big time, especially on Friday! It was Thanksgiving break and I was aware that I would be a bit more lax than usual. Also, on Monday, I fell short by 10 minutes, probably because I assumed that I reached my goal – another lesson learned, to always check and make sure that my goal has been reached.

But the point of this habit is to be consistent. I am consistent with these habit updates, now I just need to be more consistent with the actual habit. I know there will be a few challenges along the way – the feeling of having a break and just relaxing, or the time when I’ll have final exams and may not even get to coding at all.

Ultimately, I want to be honest to myself and see if I can fit in time to code whenever possible. Even if I truly don’t have time to code on a particular day, it’s important to see why I don’t have the time and where I can make time.

Note: I am now starting to record Sunday – Saturday as weeks, so I am no longer counting today (Sunday), my habit update days, in my updates. Therefore, today will be included in next week’s habit update. And I decided to restart my total days count, including my streak, since 2 hours/day is very much different from 1 hour/day of coding.

So far:

  • Total: 3/7 days
  • Current streak: 0 days
  • Longest streak: 2 days

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