Habit update 7 – code everyday

Coding is going good, yet another week of coding for 1 hour a day, 7 days straight!

Well, after categorizing my time and looking solely at software development, I noticed that on RescueTime, I sometimes went a bit below the 1 hour mark, sometimes 50 or 55 min. But I’m sure I make up for the other 10 min. by thinking about code or doing other code-related activities in some way, like debugging. 🙂

However, I don’t want to become lax and just think that I’m making the mark/goal. So now I’ve specifically set a goal in RescueTime for 2 hours on software development, every day.

I think coding for at least an hour has become a regular habit now, that I unconsciously do it through my day-to-day activities. Which is why I’ve upped the goal to 2 hours of coding/day, starting tomorrow, 11/23.

Now as any software/technology, there are going to be bugs and times when it doesn’t work as expected. RT too faltered on a couple days, for some reason failing to log time in properly, and I’ve duly contacted their support. This happens very rarely. Nevertheless, due to this, I also check on RT regularly during the day, so not only can I see where I am in reaching my goal, but also to see if time is logged in properly.

In addition, with my weekly habit updates, I will start to include a screenshot of RT’s cool graphs that are generated, which will show you how much time is being spent on software development specifically. This in turn will motivate me to push for my goals, and be transparent about it (instead of just taking my word for it).

I’m also thinking of starting a new streak, every time my goal changes. This way, I can see how long I’ve been doing that specific goal, vs. an earlier one. So after 7 days of coding for 2 hours each day, I (and you) won’t be deceived into thinking that I’ve been coding for 32 days (using my streak below as an example), but rather that the other 25 days were for the 1-hour goal. I also plan on resetting the total # of days for the same reason. Thoughts?

So far:

  • Total: 42/45 days
  • Current streak: 25 days 🔥
  • Longest streak: 25 days

P.S. for some reason, the time shows up an hour late, I actually posted this at 11:41 pm, just in time! 😀


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