Habit update 5 – code everyday

Week by week, I am learning more about how I can successfully sustain my coding habit.

This week has been overall successful, coding everyday, although I must admit it was due to the help of deadlines and priorities.

For example, I had my Computer Science lab, discussion, homework, study sessions and more. In addition, I had the opportunity to delve into server-side issues and do more web development. So I can’t say I’ve just had the urge to code, but rather these opportunities and my circumstances led me to do so.

Some things I have learned in general thus far:

  • I forget about this habit at times (although I keep a reminder to post on this blog every Sunday :D). So I’m going to keep a reminder on coach.me to remind me to do it everyday.
  • It’s about getting started. Tasks do seem overwhelming and demanding at times, or things I just don’t want to do – like debugging or messing something up. But like the 2-minute rule says, you just have to get started on something for 2 minutes, and then the momentum will carry you forward, like the snowball effect.
  • Making time is the best way to actually do the habit. If I just say I’ll do it today, without any planning, I probably won’t. Scheduling a time on my calendar and blocking it off, solely for the purpose of coding, is (in my opinion) the best way to actually do the habit.
  • Deadlines are actually helpful and I should take my own self-made deadlines seriously. They may seem stressful, but I tend to get much more done in a shorter span of time, because I know I have to do it to get a good grade in the class.

I hope I can use what I have learned, and what I know, to succeed with coding everyday.

So far:

  • Total: 28/31 days
  • Current streak: 11 days
  • Longest streak: 17 days

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