Habit update 2 – Code everyday

Coding everyday for at least 30 min. has gone on well so far, I have done it for 10 days in a row now.

I have diversified the goal, with a bit of everything: some web development, some CS homework/projects, some reading/learning. But I’m happy to say that I have not forgotten about the goal or dropped it off.

It’s easy to keep this habit for now, since my CS courses require homework/projects anyways, so I spend a lot of time there. Plus, I do a lot of web development for my other course as well. So I get far more than the minimum of 30 min. goal I have set myself for now. On some days, as I mentioned in my earlier posts, I code for 6-8 hours on a day.

Thus, I have decided to increase the length of coding from 30 min. to 1 hour/day.

Yes, it is important to start small, which is why I put 30 min. down, because I knew that even on days that I didn’t really code for my courses, I could still put in 30 min. of coding-related activities.

But now, I know that I can definitely put in more than that, and therefore have increased it to 1 hour a day. This will hopefully allow me to make the time for that 1 hour of coding per day, at a minimum, and therefore I will have to say no to other things. It’s more of a challenge, but that’s precisely why I made this change, to be challenged and (hopefully) be successful, which in turn will:

  • boost my productivity
  • boost my self-belief and morale
  • improve my self-discipline
  • improve my ability to say no
  • improve my focus
  • improve my skills and ability as a programmer

I’m excited to see what the next 7 days will bring. Let’s do this!

So far:

  • Total 10/10 days
  • Current streak 10 days
  • Longest streak 10 days

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