New habit: Code everyday

I’m going to start a new habit: code everyday for 30 min.

This can include self-learning or classwork, as long as it involves computer science in some way. Through solving problems on paper, thinking about problems, doing web development, or working on a personal project.

This is the only way I’m going to grow as a computer scientist. I already program for my classes a lot, on some days more than 7 or 8 hours at a stretch, but on some days, I don’t, because I’m occupied with other work. So this is an attempt to make it a habit to do this.

Why this spontaneous decision? Well, there are a few reasons. (1) I want to become a better programmer. And to do that, I need to code a lot. Simple as that. (2) I want to build things. (3) I want to make use of my time by learning, even those small chunks of time between classes, which go to waste on social media.

I’ll start the habit officially today, so I can be more mindful. And I’ll post an update every Sunday. This time, no excuses. I’m keeping reminders on my phone, on my Mac, and in my planner.

I’m asking my small audience (if any?) to keep me accountable. Anyhow, this will be public so there’s no backing out of this. Let’s do this!


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