Keep the momentum going

When you’re going strong, you’ve got to keep going. Don’t stop. Don’t “break the chain” or become complacent.

It’s something I’ve learned through ping-pong, which has become by daily form of recreation and exercise (playing for ~30 min. does make you sweat quite a bit). Even if you’re up 20-0, match point, winning points effortlessly, you’ve got to finish the job and win the match. Because you still haven’t won the match. You haven’t won anything, in fact.

The same thing goes in life. When everything is going well, and you’re enjoying life, you need to be wary – wary of becoming complacent and letting yourself go, not controlling yourself, your mind.

It’s happened countless times to me, where everything seems to be going well, for a day, a week, even a month, and then I slip up.  I exercise regularly, and then a day comes when my mind, that ever unsteady mind, tells me it’s ok to skip one day, that I’ll miss out on something else, and I, foolishly, listen to it.

Of course, it’s important to pick yourself up once you fall down, and not let yourself be down permanently. However, I think making sure to keep the momentum going is even more pivotal, since you do things quicker and your morale is at an all-time, unprecedented high. It just provides a huge boost everyday.

I’ve seen real-life examples, of normal people (yes, not any Kobes, Lebrons, Federers, etc.), who have tremendous self-discipline, say no to many things, and make sure they’re focused on their goals, and not breaking the chain. The amazing thing is how dedicated they are to their goal, practically being a robot and a perfectionist, programmed to do things at certain times for a certain span of time.

One month back in school, and things have been pretty tough. I’ll admit I’ve fallen down, quite a few times. Gotten less than 4 hours of sleep many nights, missed classes, procrastinated, and even failed. But I’m telling myself to get back up. Work hard. Keep working hard. Get a momentum going. And keep the momentum going. Because once I can get that momentum going, I know I’ll be unstoppable.


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