Habit update 3 – Mindfulness

My irregularity with my habit checks is a result of simply not doing the habit itself. Being mindful and living in the present, even while going to sleep, is not that easy. Easier, I suppose, when you are already tired and have accumulated a lot of sleep debt and fall asleep within seconds of your head touching the pillow. But not so much, when you are thinking of a thousand different things, both thinking about the past and the future.

I have been mindful going to sleep for 4 days in a row now, starting from 5/27. After I do this habit for 21 consecutive days, I’ll choose another area to be more mindful in, for example while eating.

It’s gotten easier, I suppose, because I have simplified my life. I realize what’s important to me, this moment, as a student. What I sow now is what I’ll reap later, so I want to sow as much as I can. And this in turn has inspired me to work hard, even during the summer, while enjoying the process.


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