And it’s already summer

Phew. A quarter of the way through my undergraduate years at college. Time really has flown by.

Results have come out, and a bit underwhelming. I definitely tried hard so there really aren’t any regrets. However, I am aware of what areas I need to focus on, and how I can improve. That’s what my focus is over the summer, to practice at getting better at time management, at self-control and mindfulness.

My habit, on mindfully going to sleep, went really wayward. Once finals came, I couldn’t focus at all, and I haven’t really been able to get back on track since. On some days, when I was really tired, it came altogether. I was simply too tired to think about anything else, and just went to sleep as soon as my head fell on the pillow.

Regardless, I’m going to keep trying and persist. I just need to ritualize better, into telling my mind once I’m in bed that it’s time to rest, even though thoughts may keep going, I need to bring it back to the present and let it rest.

I should be more regular now with my weekly habit updates. Stay tuned!


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