New habit – living in the present!

I have started the Zen Habits book ( and am starting to form a new (not really new I suppose) habit, living in the present (i.e. being more mindful). I am using this space for accountability.

The habit, living in the present, is my New Year’s resolution. Three months into the year, I can say that I haven’t been as sincere to my efforts as I could have been. I was aware when I wasn’t living in the present, but still chose not to.

From today, 4/1 (and this is no April Fools joke!), I will be living in the present more and more everyday. I am starting off simple, by just living in the present when I am eating, walking to class and sleeping (it’s shocking to see how many thoughts come into my mind as I go off to sleep). I hope to counter negative thoughts by chanting and/or focusing on my breath.

I will post updates every Sunday, and hopefully I can be true to my word this time.

And the most important question, why? Why this habit?

Simply, to become a better person, academically, physically, mentally and spiritually.


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