And the story continues…

Long time, no write.

It’s been a busy semester thus far, despite decreasing my workload. Having an internship and getting a work-study job have brought about additional responsibilities but it is a pleasure to get real-world experience and be able to manage my time better.

Things haven’t gone to plan. I was rejected by clubs, internships I applied for, and other opportunities. It took me a long time before I landed my first work-study job, which I currently have. As I have always believed, everything happens for the good and I have no reason to turn back on this philosophy.

One thing that I’m continually striving for is better self-control. It’s that one thing that keeps hurting me in the end. I realize that everything starts in the mind, so yet another goal: to live in the present. In fact, that is my resolution for 2015, and thus far I can’t say I have done so well.

I remember it at times and then forget about it, living in the future and present. It’s frustrating to go back and forth. I’m aiming to find that balance, and stop blowing hot-and-cold.

As far as academics go, things can definitely use improvement. I have seen and am experiencing myself, that a break always helps. So I have used this spring break to do exactly that: take a break and re-focus. I’m still doing work, no doubt, but make sure I give myself time to relax and not worry too much.

There’s just about 1 month left till final exams start, so I’m hoping to make the most of it and boost my grades up to where I wanted to be. And if I don’t that’s fine too. But I have to try my best and believe in myself without worrying about the end result.


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