Habit update 3: Reading

Still going strong, with reading at least 15 pages a day, for 17 days in a row now. I finished Catch-22 by Joseph Heller yesterday and even read the story behind it. Overall, as a satirical novel, it was a good read and had a bit of humor and many irrational situations in it, which is of course the case with catch-22. I have not read too many satirical novels, so it was a nice change but I think my preference lies with thrillers, mysteries and the like.

Now, I have started to read Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins of the Internet by Katie Hafner & Matthew Lyon. It’s a work of non-fiction and as it’s title implies, is about the history of the internet. With the technology omnipresent in our lives which we take for granted, I think it’s important to understand and appreciate its history. Hopefully I can share a few things I learned by the end of reading the book.


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