Testing times

Summer has come and I’m loving every bit of it. I have been using my time wisely, in my opinion: reading, learning to code, and working at a job. Occasionally watching movies too. But most importantly, having fun.

So why the title, you may ask. Well, it’s a long story. As we all know, decisions can be hard to make at times. Sometimes you need to make instant decisions and at other times, you have the luxury of being given the time to think it over.

For me, it is the latter. I am faced with a tough choice on an important issue to me. What’s kept me going this whole time though, is just letting things happen as they do and don’t try to change things I can’t control.

It’s kind of like submitting to the Divine Will, I suppose. Once I get through this time, I will have become stronger and tougher.

And I know I will.


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