Why do we get bored?

This is a post on my thoughts on this video by Vsauce, Why do we get bored? 

In this video, VSauce discusses the idea of boredom, a few cases, and the fact that boredom is an emotion. He goes on to explain that boredom is the result of either your physiology (fewer dopamine receptors) or lack of mental stimulation. However, it results in going on to create new ideas and become “innovative” in a way, like “boring” holes. 🙂

Now here is an interesting question: If solitary confinement and lack of mental stimulation results in boredom, what about meditation? Meditating, which is practiced by Buddhists who can go on for hours, is a state of calmness and introspection. It leads to internal and external peace, improves concentration and lowers stress, among many other benefits.

As a 17-year old, I have not spent much of my time meditating, and the time I do spend in prayer, it is chanting or reading. During other times, I complain about lack of time (lies, or else I wouldn’t be writing this post) and hardly accomplish anything.

I have felt bored many a time, and often just sit in front of my laptop and lose all hopes – totally depressed. I wait for the day to end when I have one of those off-days, and simply want to sleep.

I have decided to change that. How? Through meditation itself. When I feel bored, I feel the need to activate that mental stimulation and do something exciting. But I feel that if I were to meditate just for 15 min. after that feeling of boredom occurs, I would feel rejuvenated and refreshed, ready for a challenging task like writing an essay or preparing for a test.

Therefore, I am going to experiment. When I feel bored, I shall meditate, not for hours like the great monks and sages do. No, even 10-15 min. per day will do. And I shall post my progress on this blog on how it turns out. I suggest you try it too!


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