Procrastination at its best

Two weeks ago, I wanted to answer the daily prompt of Procrastination, but like its title, I too procrastinated on it. Two weeks later, here it is.

So let me share my experience of my 10th grade summer, last year. I never laid out any plans for the summer, just had some vague ideas on what I could do besides sitting in front of my computer for hours on day (never a good idea). At the end of my summer, I was tired, drowsy, and had a minor eye infection due to continuous reading.

I was assigned 2 books for summer reading, along with some assignments I had to complete for Spanish. The books were approximately 300 pages long each, and the Spanish work required my effort on one assignment per week.That was it.

I remember at the beginning of my summer how I completely ignored summer reading, with no real interest for reading (I had been a vivid reader a few years back though). I didn’t even care much about the Spanish work, and tried to find every possible excuse just to avoid doing that work. When the summer Olympics came, I avoided doing any work, with the excuse of “watching an event that shows up only every 4 years”.

I didn’t even prepare or care for the upcoming school year, where I was to be in the IB Diploma Programme – a rigorous curriculum that requires hard work, time management and determination. As you may have guessed, I had none of those traits at the time.

Well, the 2012 Olympics ended on August 12th, and I was to start school 8 days later. However, I thought everything could be completed with just 2 days of hard work, so I kept putting it off. In the end, I did complete the Spanish summer work and the summer reading (alright, I did use Sparknotes) within two days.

When I went to school, I was completely unprepared, not knowing what to expect, and duly had a rough start to the school year. I did come to my senses later on, but the procrastination did not leave me, and I continued to wait until the last minute to study for tests or complete homework assignments.

Somehow, I got through the year with an “A” average, but I feel I would have done better, had I actually managed my time.

Now skip over to the summer of 2013. I had my experience, I had learned the hard way, and I was prepared. I made my flexible time schedules, followed them to the best of my ability, volunteered at various places, went to a summer session to prepare for AP Calculus, and made good use of my time.

I still continued to procrastinate, and this time with 4 summer reading books. But the good news is that I actually finished 2 of those early on, so I was left with 2 in the end. They were Why Nations go to war by John G. Stoessinger and How to read Lit. like a professor by Thomas C. Foster. Two great reads that I highly recommend.

I finished How to read Lit. like a Professor within 2 days, but Why Nations go to war took a good week. Along the way, I worked on my extended essay (which I wrote 1,500 of the 3,500 words the day before school started) and some other assignments.

2 weeks into school, and I have been quite organized *touch wood*. I have used my student handbook effectively and with the help of Evernote and sticky notes, been productive and on top of my homework and to-do.

Now time to work on my psychology paper…


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