A recipe for success

As a 17 year old, a few months from turning 18, I have learned a lot about health and fitness, and yet have much to learn. So, from an inexperienced young grasshopper’s perspective, I will share my thoughts on being successful. 

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” – Ben Franklin

The above quote still holds true today, although it is not given the due importance it was a century or two ago, especially in contemporary times.

Personally, I have been fond of pulling all-nighters, because for some odd reason, I feel more determined and I work faster (probably because my mind knows that a cozy bed is awaiting!). My mom has always told me about going to sleep early and waking up early, but I usually did not heed to her advice.

I remember staying up until 11:00 pm once in 11th grade, studying for a Biology test the next day. You see, I failed my first test in that class, having been over-confident. So I knew I had to score well in my next test, not just for pride, but for the sake of my “A” average. I did get an 87 in that next test, and there was a moment of self-satisfaction.

Later, I analyzed what I had done wrong. Time-management is the key, for anyone pursuing success. I had a week to study for that test – in fact, even if I had studied for 30 min. everyday, I would have ended up with 3-odd hours of study time, which would have let me sleep at my regular time, 9:30 pm, and wake up at 5:00 am.

But I was more of a crammer at the time, cramming everything you could imagine. Tests, projects, essays, etc. all were put off until I absolutely had to do it, and procrastination became a habit.

As I said in my previous post, I use “flexible” timetables and go with the flow. I have learned to quickly adapt when interrupted or when something goes wrong. Now, I am more organized and my productivity has increased, maybe by 20%. I set deadlines and reminders, using sticky notes & Evernote, and try to do a little bit of everything, everyday. This gives me a sense of serenity, and yet gives me time to do things I love to do – playing tennis, chess, watching movies, etc. I have started going to the gym more often than before (3 days a week, compared to 3 times a month!), even though it’s only 15 min., and this has in turn benefited me in terms of health and being fit.

What I have also recovered, is my long lost hobby, reading. Being an avid reader years back, procrastinating made me forget about reading too. The summer reading I have been given has tested and helped me in that task. Reading stimulates my brain, and I expand my vocabulary and knowledge – these benefits are the motivation I need to keep going on.

In conclusion, staying late at night may have been an old bad habit, but it’s never late to change. Make a schedule everyday, get a good sleep (preferably 7+ hours), start the day on a high note, and continue to thrive! 🙂


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